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(but mostly just have fun, and kvetch a lot)
This is a very special sorority - we don't carry on with political discussions or try to force our views on anyone. We simply mock or ignore those we disagree with. And we aren't members of that other sorority!!! If you are vain about your womanly beauty and elegance, and gag at the snobbery of that other sorority, then Inanity Club welcomes you! Inanity Club members believe in The Inanity Club Ideal.
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That ideal is the freedom of expression yada yada yada.. womanhood yada yada yada.. highest possible standards yada yada yada.. and style. We feel this is nonsense and live our daily lives like regular human beings. We believe that true beauty comes from within, and that there are no better fashion accessories than a friendly smile and a good sense of humor (heh heh). Inanity Club is a place where we make fun of ourselves, before others can make fun of us--a sort of pre-emptive humor strike!

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