American Boy
(sung to the tune of Tom Petty's "American Girl")

He was an American boy,
Raised on images.
He couldn't help thinking that there
Was a little more to him,
Deep inside,
Down the road there was a great big thrift store,
With lots of dresses and ball gowns.
Yeah, and if he had to die,
Trying he
Had one little promise he was gonna keep.
Oh yeah. All right.
He was
An American boy.

It was kind of cold that night,
She strutted alone on her balcony.
She could hear her heels click-clack,
Like Heidi Klum, walkin' on the runway!
And for one desperate moment there,
She felt whole and sexy.
God it's so painful
When somethin' that's so close
Is still so far out of reach.
Oh yeah. All right.
Take it easy, baby.
Make it last.(Make it last all night.)
She was
An American boy.

Note: Some people interpret "American Girl" as the story of a suicide. Petty denies that this was his intention when he wrote the song.

-- Lannie Rose, 12/2002

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