Awash in music
Surrounded by bodies
But none of them yours
I'm almost alone
Sitting in a crowd
They're focused on Phil
I'm thinking of you
Memories soothe me
Head on your shoulder
Stroking you softly
Our bodies together
Touching many ways
I miss you, my dear
I offer to you
Kisses from afar
And this little poem
Sorry that is all
I can do from here
Sending to you these
Tokens of my love

for my Lannie-love
—rosalea 5/2005

* * *
From your sick lover

the curtain of sick
descends between us
we are together
but still do not touch
just for a short time

betrayed by my body
it keeps us apart
I long for your touch
near and yet so far
invisible shield
keeping me from you

it makes me aware
how precious you are
how I've come to rely
on being with you
maybe too seldom
do I realize

maybe I'm afraid
to see just how much
your love means to me
last night at the lounge
I was so content
just gazing at you

overwhelming love
felt so wonderful
I wanted to share
what I felt with you
hoping you will know
how lucky I feel

just being with you
is so fabulous
you're so wonderful
and so beautiful
I'm really happy
when I am with you

I bask in your glow
clever and funny
so many aspects
I can't get enough
but don't make the time
you rightly deserve

so anyway please know
I'm missing you now
and value your love
and being with you
still looking forward
to holding you near

from your Rosie, who loves you so... 8/2005

* * *
dear dear Lannie -

you are
so sweet to me
you touch my heart
I'm so happy
when I'm with you
how can I
call you sweetheart
and not be there
with you?
I'm so lucky
to have the chance
to be with you
you deserve much more
than I am for now
thanks for your patience
and your sweet heart

wishing you sweet dreams
and sending you hugs galore
from your Rosie
who really loves you

—rosalea 2/2005