Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, and Abraham, dancing and laughing together

A meditaion inspired by A Course in Miracles
by Lannie Rose (Jan 2007)

You are in an infinite space of the purest white light.

You see Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, and Abraham dancing and laughing together. They call out to you: "Come and join us, my sister-brother. Raise your voice in song, for all is love, and therefore all is joy. Leap into the sky and kick you heels together. Laugh with us. Hold our hands. All is love. All is joy."

You join them. You feel the love. You feel the joy. You raise your voice in song. You leap into the sky, and kick your heels together. You laugh. You hold the Buddha's hands. You feel the love. You feel the joy.

You notice that the Buddha is no larger than yourself, nor is Jesus, or Mohammed, or Abraham. They accept you as their equal.

A bright light shines above you, so bright it masks the sun itself. Its beams are not heat, but love. You glance down to try and see your shadows dancing on the ground. But the shadows are not dark, they are light, as bright as the light above.

As your shadow-light reaches up to meet the more-than-sun, you see that it is you, and the Buddha, and Jesus, and Mohammed, and Abraham that are the shadows.

The light from below joins the light from above, the shadows fade away, and you see, at last, that you are God's love.

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