[ if only Mickey Gilley would record this little ditty.. ]

Since you left me darling, my pleasures in life have been few,
I go to the occasional movie, drink a little booze,
Mostly I spend my time alone, like an old toy on the shelf,
But some how I still manage to enjoy myself.

It was always you and me, dear, now it's just me,
So I have had to find a way to keep myself company,
Now I never have to worry 'bout causing a jealous fight,
'Cause I never let my left hand know what I'm doing with my right.

They say you have to love yourself before you love someone else,
So I guess I never loved you girl, but now I'm gonna love myself.
I don't try to hide the fact, I just don't give a damn,
I'll let the whole world know, I'm proud to be a self made man.

-- Anonymous

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