Everything Nice

Table of Contents

Forward 1

Introduction 3

Prologue 5

The Happiest Place on Earth

Coast to Coast 9

Go 18

Marine 24

Transitions 29

Hearts 34

Butterfly Effect 49


Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 59

Marriage 70

Divorce 79

“Yes, ma’am” 86

The Love of My Life 98

R-Drive 104

Busted 108

An Independent Businesswoman 113


A Whole New World 123

Deflowered 128

Lannie Rose 136

Trannie Shack 143

Pride 148

Treat Her Like a Lady 161

We’re Trannies! 167

Leather ‘n’ Lace 177

Getting Clocked 188

First Date 192

A New Woman

September 2001 199

Over the Rainbow 214

Family Reunions 218

Admirer 222

Sex Change 232

Falling Into the Pit 240

How I Popped My Cherry 261

Climbing Out of the Pit 273


Hello, Dali! 293

Disclosure 310

Bad Sex 325

Coupling 331

Sexual Hubris 346

Something Fishy 357

Return to craigslist 367

Munch 374

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am, Eh? 395

Two Dates 413

More Family Reunions

Vaya Con Dios 425

The Big “C” 438

A Tale of Two Soldiers 448

Truce 453

Lannie Takes Manhattan 458

Happily Ever After 478

Epilogue — Sugar and Spice 481

Sex! Drugs! Transsexuals!
A True Coming-of-Age Story

Most coming-of-age stories are about teenagers, but not this one. Eddy’s coming-of-age hardly starts until he’s 35 years old, when he discovers a penchant for wearing women’s clothes. It takes him ten more exciting and very weird years before he figures out he really should have been a girl all along. After the sex change, Eddy, now Lannie, has to build a whole new life as a woman. The hard part was going to be finding a man to love her.

While Everything Nice is YATA - Yet Another Transgender Autobiography - it brings to the genre

  • An honesty about releationships and sex before and after gender transition
  • A hard look at the dating scene from a transsexual point of view
  • The unique sense of humor Lannie demonstrated in How To Change Your Sex: A Lighthearted Look at the Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do and LANNIE! My Journey from Man to Woman.

If you only read one transsexual autobiography this year, Everything Nice is the one you want to choose.


I was dancing solo on a little platform atop a set of stairs at the back of the room. From my high perch, I overlooked the wriggling throng on the big dance floor. At the stroke of midnight, the pounding house music got several decibels louder, the flashing laser lights got brighter and more frenetic, and the packed dance floor became even more crowded. Some of this was real, I knew, and some was the effect of the Ecstasy (the drug, not the emotion) rushing in my head. A roar rose from the mass of dancers. Hands flew into the air and shirts disappeared. As I looked down on the mass of naked, buff, sweaty, grinding bodies, I said out loud, “Now this is GAY!” —from the Prologue