All That!


Recently I've received a few compliments on my looks and feminine demeanor. While I do NOT believe for a second that I am "all that", I would admit that I've made quite a bit of progress since starting out a year ago with a run-down 40-something male body. If I am in any small way worthy of those compliments, let me be quick to tell you that I cannot claim the credit. Whatever has been achieved is the work of an entire team of experts! I would like to take this opportunity to credit and thank those experts who comprise Team Lannie.

* Cynthia Young, expert in family and gender counseling. Thank you for helping me figure out who I am and how I would like to present myself to the world.

* Dr. Joy Shaffer, expert in medicine. Thank you helping me get healthy and stay that way. Thank you for administering my hormone therapy, which has already yielded a fine set of "A" cups!

* Adrianne Gorman, R.N., expert in laser hair removal. Thank you for my soft, smooth skin, from nose to navel.

* Denae Doyle, expert in feminine deportment and modeling. Thank you for teaching me to carry myself like a lady.

* Charle Dewitt, expert in wigs and hair replacement systems. Thank you for my beautiful, natural-looking red hair.

* The gals at the Chanel counter (Gottschalks in Santa Cruz and Nordstrom in San Jose), experts in cosmetics. Thank you for showing me how to be pretty instead of garish! And for generally treating me so kindly.

* Dr. Robert Brink, expert in plastic surgery. Thank you for my pretty little nose and lips.

* Melanie Anne Phillips, expert in feminization of the voice. Thank you for showing me that there is much more to a feminine voice than just pitch and resonance.

* The sales gals at Nordstrom, experts in shopping! Thank you for making me feel welcome in the women's clothing and lingerie departments; and for helping me pick out some wonderful outfits.

* Dr. Annette Cholon and Judy Van Maasdam, experts in plastic surgery. Thank you (slightly in advance) for putting that final major finishing touch on my femininity! (Also, Dr. Peter Davis, who assited Dr. Cholon at my SRS.)

* And last but certainly not least, Jamie Faye Fenton, expert in transsexual living and sexuality. Thank you for showing me the TS ropes; and for helping me learn to love and trust again.

Thank you all ever so much, Team Lannie. As far as I am concerned, you guys are "all that"!

Lannie Rose

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