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I've had a SEX CHANGE. (Please don't tell my boyfriend.) T-shirt

I've had a SEX CHANGE
(Please don't tell my boyfriend)

Been There.
Done That.
Got the T-shirt.

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Don't Mess With Men in Dresses T-Shirt

Don't Mess With
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Part-time Girl,
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Lannie Rose Lannie's picture page (...and more photos at my Picassa site)

Bio - A little bit about me

lannierose@gmail.com Please write to me!

Gender and Transitioning

Genital Nullification — How about SRS without all that dilation bother?

My Cancer Angels — Thank you to the angels who helped me survive my cancer treatments

Life Wish — Hooray! I made it through my cancer treatments and things are looking up

Death Wish, Part 3 — Sorry to keep harshing your mellow...

Death Wish, Part 2 — Let's talk about suicide...

The Hardest thing You'll Ever Do? — Changing your sex, surviving cancer, or learning to surf?

Death Wish — Death knocks on my door; I welcome her in

New Year's Wishes — This year, I wish for an orgasm ... again!

The Show with Hal — Lannie's first radio appearance, on station KRXA 540 AM in Monterey, CA (this is an mp3 sound file; click the link to play, or right-click and Save File As... to download; or subscribe to the Lannie's Website podcast)

First Orgasm — Not mine, unfortunatley. A friend describes her first orgasm after SRS.

The Clothes Make the Woman — My love of women's clothes has always embarrassed me...but no more!

A Transsexual Manifesto — Being that transsexual people are the equals of cisgender people...

Out and Proud — Written for Out Now (ON) Magazine, Pride edition, 2007

The Grass is Always Greener — Who has an easier time of it, trans women or trans men?

A Word to the Spouses — Your husband is going to become a woman; what now?

Transgender 101 — The basic facts about being transgender

The Best Sex Life — Who's gettin' the most and the best?

Triangle Speakers — My three-minute bio when I sit on LGBT speaker panels

How To Pass — In 10 not-so-easy steps

The Tyranny of Passing — A guest column by Holly Boswell

Lannie talks about sex — At Cal Dreamin' 2006

Munch — Eating with the BDSM crowd

Page Fault — Comments on an offensive ad for Motoral pagers

Forever Young — Do cross-dressers think women really dress like that? No!

Transition Sooner! — Are you being prudent or just stalling?

Worth a Thousand Words — A thousand words about taking pictures

What Gender Am I? — Post-op, but still not sure where I fit...

Counterfeit Bills - Stealth dating: I feel like I've been passing counterfeit money

Harvey Milk, Stealth, and Thanksgiving

Anti-Stealth — Reflections on living with my transgederism out in the open

10 Things Crossdressers Don't Know About Transsexuals

9 Things I Recently Figured Out About Transsexuals, and 1 Thing I Still Don't Understand

All That! — Thanks to Team Lannie for femme'ing me up

Trannies in the House! — Some facts and thoughts about the prevalence of transsexualism and transgenderism; there are a LOT more of us than I thought!

The Transgender Hierarchy of Needs — Lannie explains transgenderism in the framework of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

My television debut — I am interviewed on ABC-7 News at Eleven on 10/25/2002

Transgender: what you don't know — As published in the San Jose Mercury News, 10/23/2002

Understanding Part-Timers — Some thoughts about living gender roles full time vs. part time

Three For My Dad - A story, a poem, and a song for my father

Neo-Vagina Monologues — Lannie speaks gen-Italian

Transitioning: The Bathroom Battles — It always comes down to the bathrooms...

Laser hair removal*** Updated 1/2007 *** My experience—pretty good, so far...

Beauty Tips

Written as TG Forum Beauty Tips features

Never Shave Again! — Don't shave, epilate!

No Cigs, No Sun, No Suds — Cut it out, be healthier and more beautiful

Help Me Make It Through The Night — Carry a battery operated razor in your purse

Adventures, Reviews, Stories

Inside the Women's Locker Room (Part Deux) — Oh yeah!

Trick or Treat? — How I spent my Halloween

Diva Las Vegas, May 2002 — More fun in Sin City

Power Exchange — A brief review of San Francisco's famous sex club

The Forum Nightclub — The TG Party Girls visit the new Sunnyvale dance club

Las Vegas, November 2001 — Some things to do in Sin City

Southern Comfort 2001 — My experiences there

Review: Rev Horton Heat with Nashville Pussy — At The Usual in downtown San Jose 7/2001

Lannie's San Jose Club Adventures — A bad date and some good dancing

Songs and Poems

Oil Spill Song

I wondered, can I love again?

Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, and Abraham, dancing and laughing together —A meditaion inspired by A Course in Miracles

I have been to the dungeons —Well, I have

I'm Writing a Book —And you are in it!

Mistaken For A Boy (Don't Want To Be) —Do you?

I thank the goddess —..That I'm a woman today!

Lannie's Limerick — Limericks are supposed to be dirty, aren't they?

Do not recite your poem

Love is like the wind

Internet dating song

American Boy

Hey, You've Got To..

Dilation Song —..for all you post-ops out there

Recuperation —My post-op song..

This is my first poem for you

The woman who loves babies plants the seed

Be calm, my heart, those footsteps are not hers

You left me

Since you left me darling

Awash in music —Not by me, but for me!


Lannie's Celebrity Look-alikes

Lannie's Wit and Wisdom — ...Such as it is..

Dr. Annette Cholon and Dr. Peter K. Davis — A little bit about my SRS surgeons

I'm Lannie, and I'm an alcoholic...

Inanity Club — Were you rejected by that hoity-toity club with the similar-sounding name? If you have a sense of humor, come on in for a chance to be rejected by a much classier organization.

San Jose recognizes same-sex marriages — ...And I was there!

State of the Union — George W. Bush's shocking, transsexual 2004 State of the Union address

Mission to the Sun — President Bush's bold new space initiative

The Ball - A short science fiction story: Could a simple wooden ball hold the key to unlock all the secrets of the universe?

A Potpourri Column — A mix of stuff written for TG Forum

Letters to the editor — ...Opposing the war in Iraq

Messaging Etiquette — did I blow you off in Yahoo Messenger? read this!

Reminisce — Some memories from when my mother was a young girl

Bye, Mom — My mother's obituary; she died March 23, 2007; God bless her soul, may she rest in peace
Here it is in plain text, if you cannot view the .mht file: Bye, Mom

Marriage can't work! (Or can it?) — A transsexual person's perspective

Sympathy — Reaction to a sad event

Do you know me? — Some boring biographical details

I'm So Glad, A Rock Epic — Spec screenplay


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