Review: The Forum Nightclub

The Forum.. not Rome, but Sunnyvale! The TG Party Girls (Jamie Faye 'n' me) checked out this new dance club Friday night. Here's the scoop.

South Murphy Street in Sunnyvale is hopping on Friday night. There is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and nightcubs, from Irish pubs to Stoddard's upscale brew pub to Tarragon, where the TGSV Christmas party was held. There's even a cute little consignment store with funky clothes and dustables, that stays open late, so check it out.

For dinner the Party Girls chose one of the several Chinese restaurants. I can heartily recommend Hunan Gourmet. We had the best General's Chicken and Honey Pecan Prawns I have ever tasted. (Trannie warning: bight lights and open tables! But the predominately Asian clientelle doesn't seem to care what the crazy Occidentals are up to.)

After dropping the doggy bag off at the car, we headed across the street to The Forum. This is the club that used to be The Palace. It's been operating as The Forum for about a year I think. Since it used to be a movie theatre, it's pretty funky inside, long and kind of narrow, with a very high ceiling and several levels descending to the dance floor down front (we'll call this the front, where the movie screen must have been). It has a very open and airy feeling. The sound system is superb and there are computerized lights instead of the usual disco ball. The dance floor is a very nice wood panel finish. There's a stage that's sometimes used for dancing, but usually for sitting. There are some comfy leather couches at one side of the dance floor, and the DJ's is high on the other side. There are a couple of little alcoves, like box seats high up on both sides of the stage, but they are used as disco dancing cages. The club has something going on all the time, be that dancers in florescent costumes in the alcoves, or in furs and boots on the raised platform at the back of the dance floor. A dozen club tables and chairs are at the sides of the levels leading up to the bar in the back of the main room, but most of the tables are marked "Reserved for .."

The music was techno/house, loud, continuous, and nicely mixed. Very much like rave music. The crowd was white white white yuppies--did I mention the $15 cover charge? However, if that's not your scene, head upstairs. There's a smaller club with it's own bar upstairs over the main bar, with picture windows overlooking the main room. I guess this used to be the theatre's projection booth. This little club has more of an urban scene, both in the music and the people. It was constantly crowded.

There's even another third-floor club, which is a VIP room. We weren't important enough to get in there. Maybe next time--there were girls with clip boards collecting e-mail addresses all night, saying we would get invited as VIPs on our next visit, with no cover charge.

We got there about 10, but as usual the place didn't start filling up until about 11. At midnight it was full, but not uncomfortably so. It's probably more crowded on Saturday. A waiter at Tinker's Damn told us that a lot of their clientelle (gay guys) have been going to The Forum on Wednesdays, for what that's worth.

One of the TG Party Girls--the slutty one--was hit on by several guys. The young innocent TG Party Girl was kissed by a cute blonde GG.

So the TG Party Girls give The Forum thumbs up as a nice fun dance club. But there weren't nearly enough lesbians there for our tastes, so we finished off the evening at the Savoy!


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