Help Me Make It Through The Night

Here is a beauty tip for trannie girls only. Genetic Girls need not apply!

It's been a long day, or perhaps a really long evening, and your chin is starting to get bristly. But there's plenty of partying yet to be enjoyed. You don't have the time or the inclination to redo your make-up. Not even just the bottom half of your face only! (Haven't we all done that some time?) Maybe for some mysterious reason you seem to lack the hand-eye coordination necessary to do a good job at it anyway. What to do?

The lovely Denae Doyle of FemImage gave me this tip for just such situations. (She's GG, how did she know this?) Simply take your small electric razor out of your handbag and run it over your face--right over your makeup! Touch up with a little foundation or concealer (or, if you are like I was a couple of years ago, spackle on several millimeters of Dermablend), puff on a little powder, and you are good to go, girlfriend!

I was given a wonderful little battery-operated razor as a gift on a visit to Japan 10 years ago. It is the "Seiko Cleancut Personal Razor" and it serves this purpose beautifully. In fact, I use it for my every day shaving now. (Being 9 months on hormones, my skin seems to be more vulnerable to cuts and abrasions from razor blades.) I swear it is still as sharp and effective today as it was the day I got it. It's small, comfortable in the hand, and runs forever on 2 C batteries. (In a pinch, you can borrow the batteries from your vibrator!) It's so simple, just a couple batteries, a motor, and rotating blade on top.

I looked it up on the web and I see that it recieves lots of favorable recommendations. It runs about $50 or $60. It's not very easy to find (especially if you've forgotten it's name!), but there are several places you can purchase it on line. Here's one: 2Sensual Products, Ltd.

So that's my beauty tip for today. Come to think of it, I'll give you a bonus tip: When Denae Doyle speaks, pay attention!

Lannie Rose

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