Diva Las Vegas 2002

Here is a little report I wrote up about Diva Las Vegas for my sisters in Jolly Old England.

I'm so jealous of all the fun you girls seem to be having over there across the pond, that I've got to show you that we have some fun over here as well. Here's my little report about Diva Las Vegas. TG-Heavenly Sister Jamie Faye and I went out Thursday and stayed until Monday morning. Jamie Faye was a delightful travelling companion and sister trouble-maker, as usual.

About 80 people showed up for DLV. I only noticed a few spouses and no admirers, although I didn't meet everyone by any means. I did meet wonderful CD and TS sisters from all over, including Colorado, Florida, Toronto, and New Zealand. The ladies tended toward the more mature end, with only a handful of young 39-ish girls like yours truly. Everybody seemed very self-confident in their femme presentation, although I was told there were quite a few newbies. It seems it was a very comfortable environment for coming/going out, even though everybody encountered a few rude jerks here and there who made comments or catcalls. On the other hand, many ladies were delighted to be asked to have their picturest taken by tourists--usually posed with their spouses--or otherwise complimented or flirted with.

The most popular DLV activities seemed to be golf and tours (Grand Canyon, etc.), but my agenda was Sleep All Day and ParT All Nite! (Energized by some little vitamin pills that I believe originate from Amsterdam.) I went with the group to the La Femme show, where a dozen gorgeous thin naked dancing girls left us all feeling inadequate--just like all the GG's in the room! And we were amused by the female impersonators at the La Cage show, which left us glad we were CD/TS and not Drag Queens (Goddess bless 'em!)

Jamie and I hit the Ghost Bar on the 55th floor of the Palms, for a beautiful view and some drinking and flirting, and Rain, the big dance club on the ground floor of the Palms. When the drunk str8 guys started getting too obnoxious in Rain, we headed over to Gypsy, the gay dance club, and danced 'till dawn. Friday night about 20 trannies converged in Gypsy and owned the place all evening. But Saturday, it was mostly just me and Jamie again at Gypsy representin'!

There were great dinners and socials with the DLV group, and fun at Sasha's T-club across the street from Gypsy. I had a great shopping experience at the Stratosphere shops (some nice, fairly inexpensive shops, I highly recommend it.) And some lounging out by the pool, and lots of great food. We hung with a few girls we already knew from here and there, and of course met some new friends who we look forward to seeing again. Come to think of it, I was so busy, I forgot to gamble!

Does that sound like fun? I hope so. Then maybe I'll see more of my TG-Heaven sisters at DLV 2003!

Lannie Rose

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