First orgasm

Unfortunately, this is not written by me. It is a friend's account of her first "big-O," which happened about six weeks after her SRS. It reads like porn, but my friend swears she wrote exactly what she felt. —Lannie

Several days ago, I moved up to the largest of the five stents in my vaginal dilation kit. This morning, after inserting the 1.375" diameter stent to dilate my neo-vagina, I was in a significant amount of discomfort. I had experienced such pain each time a larger stent became part of my dilation regime, but I also knew that most of the discomfort would pass within a few weeks of using the larger stent.

The pain was unremitting during my 20 minute dilation session. After a few minutes, hoping to alleviate the pain, I began a gentle circular rubbing of the area above my clitoris, pretty much over the pubic bone. The rubbing helped, but the sensation was a bit uncertain due to friction.

I added a large dollop of lubricant to the mons and pubic areas. With the friction thus eased, I continued the rubbing motion. A few minutes later, I noticed a warm glow had penetrated my vulva region and was spreading throughout my now relaxed body. The earlier discomfort was hardly noticeable, and had been replaced by a pleasant sensation of being filled by the stent. My breathing had become a series of quick panting breaths, and a tingling feeling spread through my body.

This felt pretty good and there was no pain. I continued to rub and stroke above and to the sides of my clitoris. Soon, my legs began shaking involuntarily, thrashing a bit, unlike anything that I had experienced before. Feeling the need, I began thrusting my pelvis forward onto the stent again and again, all the while pressing and rubbing my entire vulva.

Shuddering cries escaped my lips, and I was lost to the unexpected and wonderful sensations wracking my body. After a few moments, awareness returned. The stent was still firmly embedded in my vagina, the panting and tingling had lessened, and I was barely stroking my sensitive areas, while wondering what was going on. Was my experience an orgasm? Or a pre-orgasm of some kind? No matter, the warm sensation was returning, and I experienced the same shuddering cycle twice more in the next several minutes before falling spent and exhausted. It was necessary to rest for another few minutes before withdrawing the stent, but even then I found myself clenching and unclenching my pubic muscles while scissoring my legs until I unwound.

I don't know if I had an orgasm, multiple orgasms, or what, but it was so much better than orgasm as a boy. This feeling was tidal—it kept rising and rising until my body was lost in spasms, and thought was focused only on accepting the unknown sensations. There was no real finish; the feelings just seemed to recede until the next cycle began.

So what do you think, Lannie? Did I experience a female orgasm?

I'll say you did! Did you ever! And I wish you many more. —Lannie Rose

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